At AMZ Hustle, we understand the importance of a low Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) and a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)! Our advertising strategies focus not only on growing gross revenue but also increasing bottom line net profit by optimizing bid strategy, removing costly keywords, and finding unique opportunities that your competitors have not!

Services Include:

  • Sponsored Search Campaigns – With a focus on driving sales and increasing brand visibility on Amazon, we promote your products with ads that appear in Amazon search results and make it easier for shoppers to discover your products!
  • Headline Display Ads – Using Seller Central and/or Amazon Marketing Service (AMS), our team runs and manages campaigns that appear ABOVE the search results and reaches thousands of Amazon shoppers.
  • Product Display Ads – When creating Product Display Ads we can advertise products and deals to a customized audience and target shopper interests to increase your product visibility.
  • Promotional Campaigns – On top of running ads, we will run lightning deals, up-sell promotions, and coupon offerings that will increase the competitiveness of your pricing and attract more customers!